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October 31, 2013

New Launch: United Way of Central Indiana

October 31, 2013

United Way of Central Indiana (UWCI) has a mission to help people learn more, earn more and lead safe and healthy lives. For more than 90 years, they've been at the center of so much positive change in our community. All of us at SmallBox are honored to call UWCI a client, but for me personally this was really exciting, as my very first marketing job was at United Way in Evansville. Seeing my colleagues diving in and making notes in the United Way brand book was pretty cool indeed, having long held the UW Pantone colors, fonts and such by memory.

UWCI came to SmallBox for a total web overhaul. Their old site was miles deep with content, but it wasn't always easy for people to find what they needed. An organization like United Way that has such deep roots with various sectors of the community means we needed to understand and serve many different types of users. They also wanted a modern site that would be easy to manage, and would include a responsive design that fluidly adapts to each users' device – be it mobile, tablet or desktop.

The site has now been live for two months, and United Way is seeing some really strong initial feedback and results. The early numbers show a 20% decrease in bounce rate, in large part due to the site delivering a better experience for mobile users. In addition, they're seeing strong gains in average pages per visit (+45%) and average visit duration (+63%).

Browse the full site here.

New United Way of Central Indiana website by SmallBox

When I asked Matt Cooper, one of our project partners from UWCI, what he thought about the process of working with our team, he said:

"My favorite part of the process was the dialogue I was able to have directly with designers and developers. Not to take away from the importance of a project manager, but there were plenty of ideas that spawned from open communication with SmallBox’s creative team. The finished product was better as a result."

With collaboration being one of our core values, having that interaction with our client is really important to us. When our client is as highly engaged as the UWCI team was, it's a beautiful thing! In the final weeks of the project, their team basically relocated to our office, as we wrapped up any content loose ends, co-polished the site and worked through QA. Here are our teams working together in the final days before launch:

United Way and SmallBox teams working on site QA

According to Matt, his UW team members from across the organization now have a renewed interest in promoting the organization digitally. He said the team is taking ownership of their portion of the business to ensure the information on the website is accurate and continue to provide fresh content.

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