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April 10, 2012

Our SEO Ethics

April 10, 2012

SEO is a dirty word. At least, it is when it's misused and misconstrued, becoming synonymous with trickery, tom-foolery and back-alley antics.

SEO vs SEOBut SEO isn't a dirty word. It's search engine optimization. Not search engine tricks, or search engine gaming, or search engine magic.

And here at SmallBox, that's the way we see it. SEO for us is clean-cut, straight forward and above-board. In fact, we wanted to make sure that everyone can understand our train of thought when it comes to SEO, so we sat down during Factory Week in January to create our own SEO Code of Ethics.

In this list of standards, we stressed that we always adhere to Webmaster guidelines. We never use tricks, our work is transparent, and we always strive to create content that our clients (and ourselves!) can be proud of.

We want you to understand our core principles and best practices, and help give you peace of mind knowing that when we say "SEO", it's most definitely not a dirty word.

Read our complete Code of Ethics.

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