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February 04, 2013

Our Story, Part 2: Finding Purpose

February 04, 2013

Finding our purpose

As most companies do, we grew by following opportunities. We never stopped to ask ourselves why we were in business, but we knew that "making money" wasn't the answer. We knew it was really just a by-product and not a purpose. Finally, about a year ago, we took the time to dig deeper.

When we pushed ourselves to articulate our purpose we found it in this simple sentence: to do great things.

No matter how in-the-weeds we feel at times on projects, no matter how big or small our workload, we can always ask ourselves if what we’re doing is truly great, well above average, not just best-in-class but better-than-class. You know you've achieved greatness when 1 + 1 = 3. When the sum is greater than its parts.  

So things have changed substantially from 2006. 

We've gone from being a small development shop to a fully integrated web marketing agency. Along the way we found our calling — we know that modern marketing requires organizations to change how they work. Social and search have made this an undeniable reality. But we see this as an opportunity for us and our clients.

Our job now is to teach organizations how to market themselves. We want to give them the training and tools they need to be successful. Websites, strategy, PR, email, etc. They are all valuable tools that every organization needs. But the ideas, stories and meaning must come from the organization. This requires a healthy "voice" and that's a big part of what we do — help organizations rediscover and restore their voice.

This brings us to our vision statement: we want to help start a revolution of peopled-centered organizations. Organizations who know that profit is a by-product of pursuing a noble cause. Organizations that create believers not just customers. Organizations that are fascinating and may don't even know it.


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