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April 28, 2011

Our Word Clouds Unveiled

April 28, 2011

Last week we asked what five words come to mind when you think of SmallBox. We put the question out there via our blog, twitter and facebook, hoping to cast a wide net and get responses from our clients, friends and competitors. Most of the results were overwhelmingly positive, some were surprising or unexpected, but all were insightful.

We compiled answers internally as well and created two word clouds - one of our own responses and one for external results. We then spent a lunch hour with submarine sandwiches and word clouds in hand, dissecting the differences between the two.

The Internal Cloud:

Internal 5 Words Responses
The External Cloud:
External 5 Words Responses

Badges We'll Proudly Wear:
Many of the words you used to describe us we love, love, love. Thank you for saying we're energetic, knowledgeable and diverse.

The major difference:
Pretty much every SmallBoxer used the word "creative" to describe us. By comparison, "creative" appears almost as fine print from the external responses. In diving into it, we wondered why such a disparity between our chosen label and how we're perceived? One cause might be that our process involves a lot of behind-the-scenes creative thinking. While we pride ourselves on this part of our work, it doesn't always get the same promotion as a big, shiny end product, like a website launch.
The inevitable question about price:
"Expensive" was a thread among a few of the external responses. We know that SmallBox is not the lowest price option out there. We see ourselves as the destination for businesses and organizations serious about web marketing. Rather than viewing it as expensive, we view our fees as an investment that will pay for itself through increased business. We don't take on clients and projects if we aren't confident in getting them that return on their investment.

A surprise:
"Confusing" and "unfocused" surfaced among our descriptors. We do have a diverse team that can handle all types of work, and sometimes we might venture outside of our normal scope or process for the right project. This could also be a by-product of trying to keep the work we do new and exciting and challenging.

The good thing is knowing these perceptions exist allows us to be more purposeful in how we present our team. What do you think? Did you notice any surprises? We'd love to hear what you think. Until then, we venture onward with this new-found awareness!



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