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July 08, 2013

Our Work: ACSM Video

July 08, 2013

The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) is the most-respected certification board for sports medicine professionals. They have 45,000 members and certified professionals from 90 countries around the globe.

In 2011, we worked with ACSM to create a custom segmented email marketing program. At the end of 2012, we launched another project to help them discover new ways to engage, educate and inspire current and prospective members. They also wanted to incorporate more video content into their marketing mix.

Even though we used different strategies and tactics to help solve their problems, I’ll focus on the marketing videos we produced for them. I’ll also talk specifically about how we went from initial concepts (“inspire and educate members”) to the final video below.

Our Video Process

We begin every video by asking the same three questions:

What’s your message? Who are you talking to? Why should they care?

With ACSM, we had already gone through an in-depth discovery process, so we had a pretty good understanding of their messaging, audience and the benefits for their audience.

Based on this, we decided that testimonials featuring real ACSM members in successful careers would be an especially effective way to show the value of ACSMs certifications. It would help members easily connect how an ACSM certification could impact their careers.

To kick off the project, we worked with ACSM to create a video outline that summarized the goals, objectives, timelines and creative strategy for each video. This made sure that everything we decision we made during the video production process was tied to our goals and overall content strategy.

The Results

A very strong, tight video!
Richard Cotton, M.A., ACSM's National Director of Certification Programs

Not only was the client happy with how the videos turned out, but we also saw a significant increase in engagement on the website.

In the month following the relaunch of the ACSM certification website, the time visitors spent on the certification pages increased by an average of 41% on pages with video.


By focusing on the essential questions and collaborating closely throughout the process, we were able to create the ideal video for this client. Based on how effective video was for increasing engagement for ACSM, we will continue to recommend video as an essential part of online content strategy.

This project reinforced our belief that  creating relevant content that provides valuable information is crucial for any online business. Now it's your turn: How does your organization use video to increase audience engagement?

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