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October 11, 2012

Press: Cover Story Material

October 11, 2012

Have you ever heard the story of SmallBox’s roots? In mid-2000, Jeb and Joe got together to build a website that could serve as a digital archive for the Indiana music scene. Musical Family Tree was born, and in the process, Jeb and Joe discovered they loved building websites. Many years and scores of sites later, MFT has remained a beloved pet project.

Last week if you saw any copies of NUVO out in the wild, you might have noticed our own Jon Rogers gracing the cover:

NUVO talked to Jon about one of Musical Family Tree’s chief goals – making Indy the type of city that draws musicians in and offers sustainable living. The story also covered the MFT Showcase, a day long sampler of the wonderful local indie rock scene. Deemed a great success, you can expect to see more shows like this in the future. See NUVO’s interview with Jon here.

Many ‘Boxers, both current and graduated, have had a hand in making this site what it is, and we’ll continue to build on it and watch it grow. Musical Family Tree has come a long way – from pipe dream to cover story material. Thanks to NUVO for putting it in the spotlight!

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