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May 31, 2012

Press: Spreading Freedom

May 31, 2012

When we announced that SmallBox had adopted a policy of freedom (meaning unlimited vacation time for all full-time employees), we got quite a reaction. Most of the response was overwhelmingly positive. A few people told us it would never hold up in their own workplace, as some would never show up, burdening the rest of the team. It’s a benefit that works well in an environment of trust and healthy culture. Without those key elements, probably not so much.


Recently, IBJ contacted Jeb and Lydia to interview them for an article about the unlimited vacation policy. It’s a meaty piece featuring other local companies and national experts on these types of benefits. We were honored to be featured alongside our friends at xiik and SpinWeb.

Following the publication, Fox 59 cited IBJ’s article in its “Question of the Day.” It racked up more than 50 likes and as many comments from people on both side of the fence. Watching the conversation unfold, many more people were of the mind that this benefit would completely unravel the productivity in their workplace.

Weeks later, we’re still getting media coverage, as the Associated Press picked up the story. The story has been featured in far reaches of the US, from Waco to Baltimore, and many in between. It’s been fun to watch the story catch. We certainly don’t mind spreading a little freedom across the land.


And we do like the moral of the story too: do something interesting, and the marketing part comes easy.

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