Ready to Rumble: Introducing the Boxer CMS!

February 09, 2012

One of the keystones of any SmallBox web design and development project is our content management system (CMS). Despite it's huge impact on most of the projects we take on, we previously had not branded or promoted it in any targeted way. But that's all about to change.

Behold, the Boxer CMS.
As part of Factory Week, Boxer was one of 18 projects tackled by team SmallBox.

Boxer CMS

The first hurdle of the project was finishing up design and development for two websites - the marketing site (shown above) to promote the product, as well as a demo site our potential clients can dig around in to see how all of the various parts work from the back end.

Neil created designs that are fresh and playful and fit oh-so-well with our culture. Tyler went to work on messaging and content, while Shimp and Jeb put together the screencast to show off Boxer's main features.

Why Build a CMS?
We get asked all the time what we build our sites on - perfectly reputable firms use WordPress, Sitefinity, Expression Engine or any other of the existing systems. The best way to answer why we built our own CMS is to think about the client experience with other solutions. Boxer is very much an "owner friendly" CMS. If you've used any other CMS before you may have run into one of the following issues:

  • you've given up on adding content to your site because you found it costs an arm and a leg to make changes you intuitively feel should be simple,

  • the CMS dashboard is so full of widgets and what-nots your company doesn't need and will never use, you can't find the one thing that needs updating,

  • some of your content disappeared after software updates within the content management system caused unexpected bugs,

  • your copyright symbol still says 2009 because you'd rather gouge your eyes out with hot pokers than try to update your site...

Drama aside, most content management systems are created with coders in mind, not site owners. Our CTO Joe Downey developed the original SmallBox CMS from the ground up, starting in 2006. More recently Jordan has taken the reins and is now working on a responsive front end. Boxer was created with three goals in mind: easy to use, easy to update and easy to find in search engines. If there is any piece of feedback that we hear echoed from our clients again and again it's that we 100% deliver on those three things.

Part of why our CMS works so seamlessly is because when we build you a website, the back end is tailored by our team for your specific needs. There's no templates to choose from - each client gets a custom web solution. Before we begin our work, Boxer has 11 core features that many clients need, including fully integrated form builder and an "active" FAQ that allows site visitors to submit questions. But each of these modules doesn't have to look a certain way or fit into a certain place. Each piece is crafted to fit your brand and your web marketing needs. We also often create custom modules- extranets, events, resource library... the list goes on and on. The fact that we built Boxer in-house from the ground up gives us incredible flexibility when customizing it for clients.

Think you might want to put your website in the ring with Boxer? Request a demo!


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