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September 21, 2012

Recent Launch: Powder Keg

September 21, 2012

Have you noticed us shouting news about Verge's latest undertaking, Powder Keg? This conference for startups and entrepreneurs will feature high caliber keynotes, courtesy of a partnership with Exact Target's Connections, a Startup Bowl, and if it taps a little bit of Verge's typical magic, a whole heap of inspiration and great networking.

Our friends at KA + A provided killer branding, and our team came in for web design and development. Our goal was to create a website to match the vibe of a cutting-edge group like Verge, that would be responsive to handle traffic from any size device and would be easy for users to navigate.

Behold, the new site, designed and developed by Neil Kjeldsen:

Powder Keg website launched by SmallBox

Sites like this are a little different than our typical project. Most of our websites involve weeks of planning, audience research, user testing and are built on our own CMS. For event websites like this one, there isn't as great a need for elaborate functionality.

The one page site is a good solution for event or other sites that are relatively simple - when the purpose of the site is to promote something with a limited time frame and/or there there isn't a need for frequent additions or updates. The menu uses anchors to scroll to the appropriate content within the one page.

The site also uses "sticky nav," in which the navigation menu stays put as you scroll through the site. Smashing Magazine featured a small user survey conducted by Hyrum Denny, which discovered that "100% preferred sticky menus without knowing why." It's a subtle difference that users might not notice, but  makes browsing feel effortless.

Will we see you at the event? Verge just announced the first 7 speakers earlier this week and is releasing batches of passes a little a time. If you're interested in attending, jump on it. Attendance is limited to 500.


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