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May 14, 2014

Sharing Lives to Change Lives

May 14, 2014

One of the many things I appreciate about SmallBox is our team’s love of community. Each of us has one or two causes (at least!) that we are personally passionate about, and our culture is such that we love to join forces and rally together around many of these organizations. I’m super grateful to be a part of a company that supports their community in so many ways and encourages – even expects – team members to do the same.

One such cause near and dear to my heart is Youth Mentoring Initiative, or YMI. YMI was started 6 years ago by my husband, Darren, to serve the teachers and administrators in our local schools by providing mentoring programs on school campuses that help students with personal growth and development. Volunteer mentors meet one-on-one with their student to provide a listening ear, as well as support and encouragement. They work with their student to strengthen life skills and set goals for their education and life after school. YMI believes that every student can benefit from having a positive adult role model in their life.

As one of our corporate sponsors, SmallBox is playing a key role in the development of a marketing & content strategy, as well as creating necessary tools, such as a responsive email template, to help us communicate with and engage our audiences. Several ‘Boxers met recently with Darren and Anne-Marie, the Mentor Coordinator for YMI, to outline current challenges and map out content opportunities for each audience. It was a pretty awesome collision of my personal life and professional life, watching my husband collaborate with my co-workers to brainstorm and share content ideas.

It was also interesting to play the role of the client and serve as a stakeholder for YMI. I was reminded yet again what an incredibly talented team we have at SmallBox. They facilitated a productive meeting that demonstrated our value of curiosity by asking great questions and really seeking to understand our challenges and goals, and they used their expertise to contribute great ideas to educate and engage our audiences. Darren and Anne-Marie left encouraged and excited about the content strategy beginning to take shape.

Next steps for our team will be to review the notes from our meeting to inform the creation of a content calendar for the blog and monthly emails. We will also begin designing responsive email templates. These tools will be extremely helpful to YMI as we look to create more consistency in our marketing efforts, as well as create a more user-friendly experience for our audiences.

Whether it is through your company or outside of work, I encourage you to find ways to share your strengths and skills with an organization you believe in. I can promise you they will be most grateful for your contribution of time and talent!

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