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October 08, 2013

SmallBox Radio: BrainTwins, Jeb and SmallVentures

October 08, 2013

BrainTwins stage

At SmallBox, we recognize that many of our team members move on to create new businesses when they are ready to "leave the nest." In this new SmallBox Radio interview, CEO Jeb Banner explains the SmallVentures concept and provides several examples of SmallBox employees who have graduated the 'Box in order to pursue a unique career path. 

Much of the interview focuses on BrainTwins, an art and design company started by Justin Shimp (a longtime 'Boxer) and his partner Jessica Dunn. I spoke with this compelling young duo about their new business, their ongoing projects and their plans for the future. From humble beginnings stuffing individualized thank you cards into Joyful Noise mailorders, to their more recent work on MFT's Listen Local shows (that's the rear view of their stage set in the photo above - made from small, interlocking pieces of cardboard!), they've already done lots of great things. We're excited about BrainTwins' analog-meets-digital aesthetic and we can't wait to see what they get into next!

Listen to the interview below or via SmallBox Radio's Soundcloud page, where you can also find recent installments of our Beer Friday LIVE music series and more interview-based podcasts.

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