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April 25, 2013

SmallBox Radio: Jeb talks about the future of work

April 25, 2013

Every month, we like to invite our clients to an event called 'Box Lunch. These events give us time to talk in depth about things like marketing, organizational health and more. While these sessions aren't open to the public, we want to share some of the ideas behind our next discussion...

For the next 'Box Lunch (April 30), SmallBox CEO Jeb Banner will be giving a presentation on the future of work. Jeb and I got together recently to discuss this and several other interesting topics for a podcast-style interview. As he hypothesizes about future technology, Jeb asks listeners to imagine how the world of work and marketing can remain relevant in a "post-scarcity age." 

Have a listen at our SmallBox Radio Soundcloud page, and don't forget to check out Gentleman Caller (via MFT, of course), who generously provided music for our program!

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