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Jul 31, 2012
by Sara McGuyer
We're pleased to announce the launch of Pension Fund of the Christian Church's new website! Have a look at the new site:A New Technique! For this webs...
Jul 31, 2012
by Sara McGuyer
CEDIA, the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association, is the leading global authority in the $14 billion home technology industry. With a...
Apr 05, 2012
by Lydia Lodovisi
This post is part of a series of posts on simple UX techniques you can use in the ongoing quest toward website betterment.This installment focuses on ...
Feb 13, 2012
by Lydia Lodovisi
This is the first in a series of posts about simple UX techniques you can use in your own site planning and preparation.When creating site maps and cr...
Feb 09, 2012
by Sara McGuyer
One of the keystones of any SmallBox web design and development project is our content management system (CMS). Despite it's huge impact on most of th...
Oct 25, 2011
by Tyler Bender
One of the most important aspects of philanthropy is simply awareness. The more transparent a foundation, charity or other organization is about their...
Aug 03, 2011
by Leigh Marino
Last Friday, I attended the one-day Re:Build conference with a few other SmallBoxers. We returned to our Broad Ripple headquarters re-energized and wi...
Jul 28, 2011
by Lydia Lodovisi
Each year the Broad Ripple Music Fest (now in its fifth year) has had a different style — from illustration/cartoon to rock grunge — and we like i...
May 04, 2011
by Justin Shimp
A new gaming experience on iOS has taken interactive to a new level, and it's SuperBrothers' Sword and Sworcery EP. Beyond angry birds or slicing frui...
Feb 16, 2011
by Lydia Lodovisi
A parakeet prototype in Sara Summers' Self Ethnography workshopI'm still sorting out all my thoughts and things I learned (and dreaming of mountains) ...
Aug 12, 2010
by Jeb Banner
We've lost a few nice jobs here at Small Box recently. For the most part we have lost them because we have been unwilling to quote any further than we...
Sep 14, 2009
by Jeb Banner
When I talk to clients I have found these three things really resonate- A website needs to be easy to find in search engines, easy for visitors to use...