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Aug 12, 2010
by Jeb Banner
We've lost a few nice jobs here at Small Box recently. For the most part we have lost them because we have been unwilling to quote any further than we...
Jul 23, 2010
by Jeb Banner
I recently wrapped up a 6 stop tour of Indiana with the SBA (Small Business Administration). I was part of a half day seminar put together by the SBA ...
Feb 01, 2010
by Jeb Banner
It feels a little weird to write this blog. After all, I run a web company and I'm writing a blog- not an article for a newspaper. But I've been think...
Jan 11, 2010
by Jeb Banner
Looking back on 2009 I'm coming to see that it has been defined as much by the opportunities that we didn't pursue as the ones we did. Opportunities i...
Aug 28, 2009
by Jeb Banner
I do not like writing proposals. Until late last night I really couldn't have articulated why I have so much trouble with proposals. Even though they ...
Jul 20, 2009
by Jeb Banner
I think a lot about hiring. How to attract and retain top talent. I've worked with companies that have had major turnover issues and I've seen the neg...
Apr 21, 2009
by Jeb Banner
I was reminded of this today as I went into the Small Box CMS (Content Management System) to update some pages and adjust some of the titles in order ...
Jan 08, 2009
by Jeb Banner
Zappos' Dance Dance Revolution for employees and visitorsHow important is a company's culture?Jack Shepler recently sent me a great blog about Zappos'...
Oct 09, 2008
by Jeb Banner
It's hard to stay optimistic these days with the stock market tanking, credit drying up and the financial crisis spreading around the globe. Companies...
Sep 25, 2008
by Jeb Banner
With the financial world in turmoil and many business owners watching fearfully from the sidelines, including myself!, I thought it might be a good ti...