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January 11, 2010

The Power Of Facebook

January 11, 2010

People talk a lot about the power of social media. Mostly it's just talk, no real examples. Here's one.

The Small Box offices are above Qdoba here in lovely Broad Ripple, Indianapolis. If you step out on our "deck" (aka the roof access we have at Small Box) you have a 25% of chance of being blasted by smoke from their grills. Ah....nothing like chicken grease in the morning!

Up to recently you were also likely to hear their questionable music mix softly blasting through the floorboards of our main room where I happen to sit with 3-4 other team members every weekday.

Everyday...the same songs by Tom Petty...3 Doors Down...Coldplay...The Fray....ugh. It was the bane of our existence. We mockingly sang along in falsettos and I even got a mix CD of Qdoba music for Christmas from Karl Hosttetler (very funny Karl).

(Crazy thing is we continued to routinely order from Qdoba. Hey, it's good stuff! One visit would be to grab a burrito, another to complain about the noise. Maybe a good thing we can see them make our food!)

Keep in mind that Small Box happens to be run by a bunch of music nerds. People that pride themselves on thinking they know a thing or two about music and will probably tell you as much over drinks if you are ever so "lucky". So this wasn't just a pet peeve but a serious issue (at least in our snobby minds).

So, we tried to get them to turn down, repeatedly. We went down and talked to them, had the landlord call the owner, called them almost daily "I really do love Tom Petty but I just can't hear American Girl another time...please turn it down!". They said it was corporate policy, no dice, had to be this loud.

We even thought about moving and we really love the space. We love being in the middle of Broad Ripple. But the music was driving us crazy. People were working from home to avoid it. Something had to break.

Then it happened.

Jerry Hellmann, one of the guys that was enduring the daily onslaught of Celine Dion, posted a comment on Qdoba's Central Indiana Facebook Page. Here's what he posted:

"Qdoba! I have the absolute BEST Christmas gift you could give to your customers!! Please, PLEASE turn down or change that terrible VH1 classic, 10 song muzak playlist that is rumbling my floor! I work above your Broad Ripple office and I'm considering seeing a psychiatrist because of this. A man can only take so mu...ch of hootie's "i only want to be with you" and the painfully horrible "Rockabye".....last but not least......the office favorite.....Annie Lennox's "no more i love you's". Please Qdoba, have mercy on us all. Turn down that horrible sound....our ears won't stop bleeding. NO JOKE - Train's "Drops of Jupiter" just started playing. GOD HELP US!!!!!!!!!!!"

The next day we had a representative from the Qdoba corporate office at our door. She was there to drop off a gift certificate for Jerry who was out at the time. PJ and I had her sit down and listen to the music wafting through the floors. We begged her, please! fix it!

...and they did. We can no longer here Qdoba's finely tuned, demographically targeted music mix. We can actually sit quietly and think. They have put in new speakers that no longer broadcast into our room. We have been saved!

Thank you Jerry!
Thank you Facebook!
and yes, thank you Qdoba!

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