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December 01, 2011

Think Kit: a year-end inspiration kit

December 01, 2011


Think Kit 2011Lydia and I used to participate in a group blogging project called Reverb run by Gwen Bell. The idea was simple: post on your blog everyday in December (or as much as possible) following a series of prompts designed to reflect on the past year.

Yesterday I got an email that Gwen wasn't going to run the project this year. Instead, she open sourced it, inviting others to create their own version. We couldn't resist. With one day to swoop into action, we hatched this plan and dubbed it Think Kit.

Daily posting? Are we crazy?!
We wanted to flex our publishing muscle a little. We like to blog. We squeeze it in when we can. This project will help us approach our sharing habits with a little more intention, at least for this one month.

At the same time, we'll sate another need: we like to connect with our community and value being part of a larger Indy tech culture. We're hoping other companies and individuals will join us. Won't you, please?

Why Think Kit?
In our weekly internal meetings, we talk a lot about ideas, from whence they spring, how we seek and maintain inspiration. This seems like a perfect place to start - a simple set of topics to spark some thought and wordsmithing.

Week 1:
We're keeping it simple to start. The first week is all about reflecting on your favorite things from this year. Today: a favorite photo.

Go here to see this week's prompts. There, you'll also be able to sign up to receive a daily email about each prompt during December.

Are there any rules?
Only rule is no rules! Post when you want, write about 3 prompts or 30, change up topics. Take the Think Kit and make it yours. We can't wait to see what you do with it.

Happy Think Kitting!


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