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December 12, 2013

Trying Something New: Caramel Cake

December 12, 2013

I’m a person who loves a good routine. I don’t really stray from it. Some might say it’s boring or unadventurous, I say it’s calming and clears my head because I’ve done said routine a thousand times. Wake up, let the dog out, check email/social media, let dog in, randomly read Wikipedia, etc., play with dog, get ready for work. From there my day goes in a thousand different directions so it’s nice to know that at the end of the day my routine picks right where I left off. Get ready for bed, let the dog out, check email/social media, let dog in, randomly read internet then read book, go to sleep.

Ahhhh, I’m already looking forward to it, and I’m only half-way through today! So, when the Think Kit prompts were presented I knew which one I would take. I’m trying something different, but sticking to my daily morning and evening routines that I love so much, so it’s a win-win!

During one of my twice-daily scheduled (not including the non-scheduled but still regular) social media checks, I came across a delicious sounding recipe for a caramel cake. I quickly pinned it and set my sights on creating it for my family Thanksgiving day.  So, here is the photographic journey of the Thanksgiving Caramel Cake!

I like to think of myself as a seasoned baker, I regularly make pies from scratch and haven’t touched a baking mix in years so, let’s just say I started off pretty confident.
The recipe itself seemed pretty easy. Nothing weird happening here, eggs, flour, butter, etc.

Now you will notice a severe gap in my photo coverage. This is the, “Oh, crap, I forgot to take photos” photo. Some pretty major things happened from the ingredient photos to the batter in pans photo:

1.) This recipe calls for A LOT of mixing—switch from hand mixer to standing mixer.

2.) Change of mixing bowls. Use of too many spatulas.

3.) Asking mom if she thought I was breaking the mixer because it smelled like burning.

4.) Forgetting to add (maybe) a key ingredient—Vanilla.

But doesn’t it look great in the pans!

Next up, the “Take a picture of me putting cakes in the oven because I need photos” photo. Notice my fancy Thanksgiving attire. 

That brings us to the perfectly cooked vanilla-free layers of my three layer cake. Not evident in photo: The turkey was delayed so my cakes could cook bringing us a half hour behind schedule, cakes sticking to cooling racks and loss of delicious cake bits to cooling racks.

Moving along, time for icing! This recipe calls for use of a candy thermometer. My aunt, Susan, said she would have immediately ruled out this recipe on that fact alone. I however, was not deterred!

1 cup of buttermilk, Crisco, butter, and a whole lot of stirring later we have caramel sauce! Also, not seen in this photo: my mom trying to carve a turkey and me asking her nearly every 30 seconds if she thought I was doing it right.


And now to the icing of the three layer cake. Big disappointment in the icing department, I clearly didn’t have enough delicious caramel. My cake looks terrible.

But, tastes pretty good! After turkey was consumed and dishes were washed, my mom, aunt, and I sat in front of the cake analyzing the outcome and the recipe. Conclusion: the vanilla might have made a big difference, it took too much time to make, and the caramel should have been drizzled instead of applied as icing – but cake is cake, let's eat!


So, thus ends the journey of me trying something new! Feel free to try the recipe for yourself here.

This post is part of Think Kit by SmallBox
Today’s prompt: Try something totally different. Take a new route to work. Make up a new recipe. What did you come up with?

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