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February 19, 2014

New Work: SmallBox End of Year Video

February 19, 2014

2013 was a big year for SmallBox, we bought a new building, we rebranded, and we grew, in every sense of the word. To celebrate the year, we decided to create a video retrospective.

Every year, after our winter Factory Week, we get together for an overnight at Story Inn to celebrate the past year – the video debuted at the end of our group dinner, with the whole team gathered together in one room. Here’s the story of our 2013, told through a mix of animation, live action and graphics :


From Script to Screen

Our vision was to create a short, punchy video that incorporated photos, video, stop-motion animation and more to highlight and celebrate key moments from 2013.

We spent a few weeks in December fleshing out the concept and styles we wanted. And then, in two blistering weeks, we went from script, to storyboard, to shooting and editing the video.

You can see how the some of the storyboards below guided the final version.



A lot of hands went into making the video, literally. My favorite part of the project was seeing ‘Boxers come together to animate, design and star in different segments.

Spoiler alert. This is not a real iPad.

New Ways of Working

This video turned out like nothing we’ve made before. We experimented with new media and collaborated in different ways, and came up with a fun video on a very short timeline.


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