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February 11, 2015

We Did It! Factory Week: Winter 2015

February 11, 2015

We wrapped up Factory Week last Friday and we’ve slowly returned to our normal routine after catching up on all our emails. Jeb says it every year but this year, he actually meant it, “This was the best Factory Week we ever had!” And I’d agree. We had a great mix of projects that the team curated, which meant every project had an advocate and dedicated team.

In years past, we had upwards of 35 projects – this year we had just 12, and a few even wrapped up by Tuesday, which left a lot of room for diving deep and getting end-of-week results from the rest of the list. I happened to be on two of the quick-win projects, so the rest of my week was left open to float among the other groups and help along the way. My week was full of random conversation on various topics, which made the five days fly by!

The Project List

As with every Factory Week, we take a break from client work and focus solely on internal projects that seem to take a back burner and never really get the time they deserve. For this edition, we used a good chunk of time for peer reviews, asking, “What can and can’t you count on me for?”, “What’s my greatest gift?” and “Do you have any advice for me?” It was a great way to really get to know our fellow ‘Boxers, especially those we don’t work with on a regular basis. We’re a transparent group of people, so I don’t think anything came as a big shock but it did reinforce a lot of the camaraderie we’ve built.

Getting Technical

Other projects took a technical turn, like migrating our email, upgrading Basecamp, and doing some development work on our CMS. We also focused on stepping up our design process, building out our collaborative exercises, and firming up our credo, Culture-Powered Marketing.

Working Lunch

Unlike years past, we had dedicated lunchtime conversations which helped us define our rallying cry for 2015, “Challenge Thyself” – and firm up our strategic plan for the year ahead. I think we all enjoy these types of conversations, and it was nice to create the space to spend an hour each day discussing deeply something we all love, SmallBox. It’s pretty clear to me that I work with a great group of passionate people who love coming to work each day and try to make SmallBox better than the day before. And of course, there was food. Always food – each Factory Week MUST have a BBQ and Sushi day!

We returned to the Speak Easy after a year absence and it felt great to return to our original home! They didn’t seem to mind our daily slow claps, our kitchen takeovers, or adding an extra 17 people to the space. I have a suspicious inkling that Speak Easy'ers didn’t mind grabbing the sweet treats we shared either! It’s always a good rule of thumb to get extra desserts and donuts.

Of course we blogged the whole week and I’ve shared some links throughout this post, but be sure to catch up on all things Factory Week at www.factoryweek.com!

See you again for Factory Week: Summer Edition 2015!

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