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September 04, 2015

New Hire: Maureen Saul, Strategist

September 04, 2015

To say that our team was thrilled to learn of our new Strategist hire is an understatement. What followed that announcement was an epic email chain of fantastic gifs with some of our favorite celebratory dances. It was pretty awesome. Maureen Saul, or Mo, had her first week during Factory Week and has since jumped in with both feet into client projects, team meetings and everything else SmallBox. Here are a few things you should know about Mo:

Maureen Saul, Strategist at SmallBox

Nature Lover: Mo is huge fan of all things outdoors. As a teenager, she had the incredible opportunity to participate in Wilderness Ventures on two different occassions, which is a unique outdoor experience that teaches leadership & life skills while giving you exposure to different activities and environments. Her first trip was in the Rocky Mountains, and the second one was in Alaska. These experiences continue to be influential in her life and encouraged her love of nature and traveling the world. She loves to be outside as much as possible, spending time with her husband and son and participating in team-based running relays.

World Traveler: While studying abroad in Rome during her junior year of college, she caught the "travel bug" and has since taken some amazing trips to places like Turks & Caicos, a 6 week adventure throughout Africa, and a backpacking trip to Peru. 

Book Worm: With a major in Corporate Communications and a minor in Classics from the College of Charleston in South Carolina, Mo has an interest in all things books. She not only loves to read, but she has also published a children's book that was inspired by her niece, and is currently writing her second book in a trilogy series. Goodreads is her favorite website.

Marketing Chops: After trying out a PR role post-college, Mo's career shifted towards marketing. She's done the tactical "grass roots" efforts kind of marketing, such as designing poster boards and creating content, to the strategy side of things, like branding and messaging campaigns. Her experience and skills will be a great asset to our team!

And everyone's favorite – the lightning round – where Mo tells us the first thing that comes to mind when she hears the following words:


Music: concert
World: nature
Bicycle: cultural trail
Sandwich: egg salad
Broad Ripple: the Canal

Connect with Mo on Twitter: @MoBrierton. Hang on for the ride, Mo – we're excited to have you!

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