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April 05, 2013

We're Listening! (Vol. 3)

April 05, 2013

Okay, we're a little musically inclined, it's true. Whether a 'Boxer is playing in multiple local bands, writing for (and running!) the ever-growing MFT, or recently testing the waters in the new Beer Friday Live series–sometimes, I forget we aren't a record label. (Aside from the boxes of LPs and CDs in most closets, that is...but at least we don't have a demo slush pile sitting around!) Here's what some of my workmates have been tuning into over the first week of April (with some added contextual editorializing...I can't help myself!):

Justin – The Flaming Lips / Terror & Tyler, the Creator / Wolf 

The Terror is a great experimental record. It doesn't sound like any of their past records and that's a good thing; I really dig it. Wolf took longer to get into, but there is some really beautiful production and catchy hooks that get stuck in my head all day.

(The Flaming Lips are an American institution of psychedelic rock'n'roll, renowned for their live shows that feature larger-than-life props and ingenius stage sets. Something weird must've been in the water of 1970's Norman, OK. Tyler, The Creator is the figurehead of post-post-modern hip-hop collective Odd Future. Their increasingly meta- empire now includes (amongst other IP) a sketch TV show and multiple Grammy award nominations.) 

Nick – The Dear Hunter / Migrant

I've been listening to Migrant on repeat because it's brand spankin' new and I'd been waiting for it for months. Their music puts me in a good creative space–the instrumentation is at times orchestral and over the top (in a good way), which creates a lot of atmosphere that I wouldn't expect from a more standard rock album.

(The Dear Hunter is an American rock band out of the fertile Providence, RI scene. Not to be confused with Deerhunter (the band) or The Deer Hunter (the movie); they have been releasing story-cycle based records since 2006. Now that's ambition!)

Jenny – Eric & Kathy (WTMX 101.9)

Well, I typically really, really dislike radio (except NPR), but I've been listening to the Eric & Kathy show since middle school. It's funny stuff. To the point that I sometimes feel ridiculous because I realize I'm laughing out loud, and people around me do not know why. 

(101.9 was spinning Beyoncé's "Single Ladies" when I bugged Jenny. Her response was a curveball–something I haven't heard of! There's not a lot of radio talk around SmallBox, except for the "Did you hear on NPR this morning...?" Eric & Kathy have been doin' their thang in the greater Chicago area since 1996; an eternity in RadioLand.)

Bottom-to-top: Justin, Nick, Jenny. They didn't pose like this–I promise. In fact, they wouldn't even remove their headphones for the shot. See what we were listening to before in Vol. 1 and Vol. 2.

So...what are you listening to this Spring? Let us know below, or send us a mix! (We're equally accepting of cassette tapes and Spotify playlists.)

(While composing this post, your editor was listening to Endless Boogie's Long Island and Klaus Dinger's Néondian; two sides of the endless riff spectrum.)

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