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October 05, 2012

We're Listening: Volume 1

October 05, 2012

It's true that caffeine fuels SmallBox via coffee, diet coke, tea, etc. But I would argue there is another thing that fuels our work even further on a day-to-day basis. We're starting up a recurring series of what music 'Boxers are listening to while they work. From rock to country, hip-hop to orchestral, you will now know what kinds of music drives SmallBox.

I asked a few of my work mates, What are you listening to currently? And why is it good music to listen to at work?

Neil - Efterklang "Piramida"

  • It helps put me in a good creative mind-space. Almost as if their audio translates to my visual.

Kasey - Astrud Gilberto

  • It's smooth and doesn't distract me from what I need to do, but it's got a good beat and keeps me chipper.
Drew - Fennesz "Black Sea"  
  • Textured guitars and whirring electronic noises; it's the sound of my brain digesting assignments and producing moments of spare genius.;

Nick - The xx "Coexist"

  • It's really chill and a little ambient. Easy to listen to and still be able to focus.


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