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January 18, 2016

What Does My Browser History Reveal?

January 18, 2016

Today’s Think Kit prompt is: "Think of things that have piqued your curiosity. What leaves you with more questions than answers? Who or what do you wish you knew more about?"

Like many people, I’m constantly learning and exploring. It’s hard to remember all the stuff I’ve been curious about. Fortunately I have a helper! My browser history. So here are some highlights from the last week:

Politics: I am something of a closet political junkie. I am watching this year’s Republican primary with a mixture of horror and amusement. This video of three girls singing a song at a Trump rally really captures that mix. The lyrics seem to be inspired by some North Korean “great leader” odes:

"President Donald Trump knows how to make America great

Deal from strength or get crushed every time"


Health: achieving 100% health has become something of a quest for me. I am always curious about new studies, approaches, diets and treatments that could help me achieve my goals. Recently I was researching NAET which is this fascinating treatment for allergies where you hold different objects and see how your body responds to them. I’m not sold yet but I like it conceptually.

Music: in my browser history there are numerous visits to Wikipedia to research bands and artists. But in the last week my attention was focused to one man: David Bowie. After picking up his record last Friday and falling in love with it over the weekend I was shocked to hear that he passed late that Sunday night. As devestating as that was, I came to see it as a stroke of artistic genius. While receiving treatment for cancer he went on a 18 month creative run that resulted in a Broadway show and an album. Like many, I found myself mesmerized by the “Lazarus” video he made, looking for clues. And he left plenty. He will be sorely missed. What a legacy! 

So what's in your browser?



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