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January 31, 2013

Whooooooooooo Are You?

January 31, 2013



Written content is nearing a wrap, with the focus today on general QA and accumulation, self-verification, and editing of our Team Bios. For this update, we've shied away from our question/list-format seen on previous iterations of the SmallBox site, and opted for concise, personable, and slightly-witty biographies.

Meanwhile, Mayowa has been doing his best to make us look our best. What good's a bio without a hi-res, black-and-white, naturally-smiling photo? Not good enough. It's been enlightening listening-in to our team member interviews, finding out personal stories of each person's unique route to SmallBox, the formative experiences that make everyone essential to the team, and the crazy obsessions that we spend hours on outside of the office. Okay, enough eavesdropping, back to QA!

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