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September 27, 2011

Why Broad Ripple Music Fest?

September 27, 2011

I'll tell you why: Culture Matters!

Broad Ripple Music Fest

In case you've missed the SmallBox manifesto that we've recently been shouting about, hopefully I can shed some light on our commitment to promoting culture in Indianapolis. One of the most exciting, perhaps even... dare I say... buck-wild, events SmallBox commits long days and nights to is the Broad Ripple Music Fest.

Now in its fifth year, BRMF was originally spearheaded by Jeb Banner, PJ Christie, Jack Shepler and a whole slew of music community members as an event that would be created by the people and for the people. In 2009, I took over festival director responsibilities in order to help the event grow. It still maintains the community aspect, but most of the marketing, sponsorships and general management is done in-house at SmallBox.

Why do we do this? Because supporting the arts, culture and musical heritage of Indiana is a passion and value of ours. While this event doesn’t necessarily generate business leads, it does give us an outlet to let our creative juices flow and promote what we love: local music.

Beyond just our involvement, why is Broad Ripple Music Fest necessary? It gives local artists the spotlight for a full weekend and gives passive fans a chance to get out and see the best of what Indy has to offer in a single trip. BRMF also gives local promoters, sponsors and venues the chance to connect and collaborate in a celebratory atmosphere.

What else do I need to know? Oh... you want details. Well, the main event takes place on Saturday, October 15th throughout about 13 clubs in and around Broad Ripple. Indie Rock, Jambands, EDM, Hip Hop, Soul, you name it, you can find it in Broad Ripple. We’re also starting things proper with two huge shows on Friday, October 14th at the Vogue and Connor’s Pub (Mega Tent). All access wristbands can be purchased here for $15. Tickets to the kickoff party at the Vogue can be purchased here for $10. Also, it could be the biggest party of the year. That’s all.

See the Full Schedule here!

The first 3 people to comment with their email address will win a pair of wristbands. Who wants 'em?

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