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November 15, 2013

Why I Heart Indy - The Sportz

November 15, 2013

While my family lives in central Indiana and I was raised in central Indiana, I grew up having no real intention of living here long term. I always thought that places like the coasts, the mountains, even a bigger midwest city like Chicago would better suit me. I went to college in Birmingham, Alabama and really didn’t plan on moving back to Indy when I graduated in 2005. But I did. And after the last 8 years of wondering where I’ll end up,  I just bought a house here and just married someone who is in love with Indianapolis - so I’m here for the long run. And honestly, I think Indianapolis is just as good, if not better, than those other places I mentioned. Here are the coolest things I’ve seen happen in/to Indy in the past 8 years since moving back.

I love sports. Actually, one reason I didn’t think I wanted to live here forever was because I wanted to live in a city that had all 4 big professional sports teams represented (baseball, basketball, hockey, football). I’ve seen some amazing sports moments in our city in my lifetime. Two of my favorite Indy sports moments in the last 20 years happened within a few months of each other nearly 18 years ago. Top moments for me include watching Captain Comeback take our never-say-die Colts to the brink of the SuperBowl in 1995.


 and when Mark Boyle went ballistic, screaming “DING DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD” when Ewing missed a gimme finger-roll in 1995.

I love how our city embraces sports. I absolutely love the fact that the Indianapolis Colts won a Super Bowl in 2006 and appeared in another in 2009 while the last time Los Angeles had a professional football team in the super bowl was in 1984. I love that in the past 20 years our small market Indiana Pacers are most known for their battles with the bigger market teams like Miami, New York and Los Angeles. I love that the world’s eyes were on our city in 2012 when the Super Bowl was in town. I love that our city rallies around a school like Butler University during March Madness. I’m getting interested in soccer for the sole purpose of our beloved city bringing the Indy Eleven to town. My favorite thing about this city, bar none, is that we are a sports town through and through - even if there isn’t a major-league hockey or baseball team.

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