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April 15, 2015

Why We Dropped the Web from 24H__P

April 15, 2015

SmallBox is pretty passionate about the Indianapolis community.  It’s one of the things that I loved about the company, even before I worked here and 24 Hour Web Project is a perfect example of that.

For those who aren’t familiar – 24HWP happens once a year when SmallBox selects an Indy non-profit to partner on a project with. In the past, that project has been building a website in 24 hours. Yep, 24 hours!

Working into the wee hours with organizations like ICAN, INRC, Partners in Housing and others, we have merged teams and talents to hit new levels of 3 am genius-ness. Like last year, when the event ended with an epic Nerf gun fight. Brilliant!

SmallBox is also passionate about big ideas and new challenges – which is why we are changing things up this year. It started as a conversation about finding opportunities to try new things, build new muscles, and explore new avenues in our work. That’s not always easy to do with tight budgets and timelines. So we needed to make space for it. We needed permission to get a little crazy and step outside of the norm, which turned into a conversation about applying those desires to a real-world problem.

How can we make a difference in our community? What problems could we solve? What problems are our nonprofits trying to solve? How could we use our untapped skills to help?

And then it hit us. What if 24HWP became 24H__P?

Maybe for you – the blank space is a website, and that’s ok – we still want you to apply! But maybe it’s an interactive annual report, a video game or microsite to promote your campaign, a new design for your magazine, who knows – maybe you want to raise awareness by breaking a Guinness World Record for dogs jump roping – we can help with that!

Feeling inspired? Check out Sara’s post on the “Seven Year Itch” to learn more and see example projects that we love. Get creative, be inspired and challenge us with your application - we’re ready for it!

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