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February 01, 2013

Winding Down the Project List

February 01, 2013

Factory Week is wrapping up quickly, although the temperature is still running high due to all the last-minute ICAN tweeting. I think some fingers around here have caught fire during this 8-hour online community building marathon. Here's the project list we tackled this week...what would be on your Factory Week list?

  • Website: Sara, Jason, Jeb, Dan.

  • Design: Lydia, Jorda, Neil, Nick, Mayowa.

  • CMS Development: Jason, Jordan, Joe, Justin.

  • Blender: Jeb, Joe, Tyler, Lydia.

  • Content: Tyler, Drew, Jon, Sara, Mayowa, Leigh.

  • Blog Clean-Up: Jon, Tyler, Sara, Jeb, Jordan.

  • Photography: Sara, Lydia, Leigh, Mayowa.

  • Rebrand: Leigh, Lydia, Sara, Jeb, Neil, Nick.

  • Redesign Business Cards: Neil, Abby, Nick, Leigh.

  • Redesign Note Cards: Neil, Abby, Nick, Leigh.

  • Design Swag: Nick, Neil, Lydia, Leigh.

  • Launch Strategy: Leigh, Sara, Dan, Kasey, Elizabeth, Abby.

  • Redesign E-mail: Nick, Jon, Sara.

  • Social Audit: Drew, Jon, Dan, Nick.

  • Ad Design: Dan, Nick, Justin, Sarah.

  • Collaborative Toolkit: Lydia, Jason, Jeb, Leigh, Neil, Sara, Mayowa.

  • Boxee Awards: Kasey, Abby, Justin, Jeb, Jordan.

  • CMS Documentation: Justin, Jason, Jordan, Mayowa.

  • Client Experience: Sara, Lydia, Jon, Drew, Abby, Elizabeth.

  • Conferences & Training: Jason, Kasey, Lydia, Dan, Jordan, Elizabeth.

  • Team Grow Systems: Elizabeth, Dan, Drew, Nick.

  • Talent Audit: Abby, Dan, Jeb, Sara.

  • Design for Employee Handbook: Nick, Kasey, Jason, Jeb.

  • 2013 Budget: Elizabeth, Joe, Jeb, Sara, Dan, Abby, Jason.

  • Ownership: Elizabeth, Sara, Dan, Jeb, Jason, Kasey.

  • Nice Grant Awards: Kasey, Sara, Jeb, Jason, Leigh.

  • Boxisms: Kasey, Abby.

  • Employee Video Interviews: Mayowa, Tyler, Kasey, Justin, Elizabeth.

  • Daily Random Nicing: Jon, Abby, Sara, Dan, Kasey.

  • Client Video Testimonials: Tyler, Mayowa, Justin, Drew, Elizabeth.

  • Factory Week Promotion: Drew, Kasey, Sara, Mayowa, Jon.


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