Your Website Isn't Finished!

July 16, 2015

When was the last time that you relaunched your website—or when did it first launch? 

When was the last time someone, anyone on your team updated said website?

If your answers to these questions are the same, then... uh-oh! Just kidding. Kind of.

If you’ve worked with SmallBox before, you’ve likely heard us say that websites are living things. (Really—look at this #TBT post from Jeb.) Let me repeat: launching a website is not a one-and-done event.

And you can’t forget the interests of the various teams within your org! One of my favorite examples of a team that embraces this philosophy is Lumina Foundation's communications team.

We first partnered with Lumina Foundation in late 2013 for a website and audience discovery engagement, then transitioned into website planning and custom development. Their website launched at the tail-end of 2014. Currently, we partner with their internal communications team on various strategic and marketing projects.

The Challenge — Where are the Strategies?!

Goal 2025 is Lumina’s guiding light. All of the foundation’s efforts and work ultimately tie back to advancing Goal 2025. In particular, they have a set of seven strategies, led by individual committees, dedicated to generating support and action for Goal 2025.

A few months after the website relaunch, the Strategy section was not getting as much traffic as their committees had hoped. Some team members felt that the section wasn't intuitively located for site visitors. And with less than 10 years to achieve Goal 2025, the stakes are very high! 

The simple solution that organizations often take is simply adding sections to the main navigation, or sprinkling new buttons and CTAs (calls-to-action) around a site. But the Lumina communications team knew that that wasn't the way to create lasting experiences for their audiences, or to get the results the team desires. 

The Process — Collaborative Solving

It started with a simple message from our partner Kirsten: What do you guys think of this? As we started to ideate—Basecamp threads are where many of the best brainstorms begin!—and dig through Google Analytics and behavior flows, it became clear that finding the perfect home for Strategy would not be a simple drag and drop solution.

After much digital collaboration, we folded the challenge into our upcoming Factory Day as a quick-win project, which of course included intense white-boarding! 

Lucia from Lumina Foundation

We wireframed three different solutions, then created designs for the strongest one before implementing any changes. 

The Solution — Movin’, Renamin’, Rearrangin’

Main navigation: Previously its own navigation item, Goal 2025 becomes Our Work. The Goal 2025 logo becomes the section’s main nav icon.

Our Work landing page: Rather than diving immediately into Goal 2025 from the navigation, we decided to introduce it plus the supporting strategies. 

Lumina Foundation - Our Work

Subpages: Minor format tweaking. The Goal 2025 and various Strategy pages remained mostly unchanged (for the purposes of this post, anyway—we’ve since added custom, dynamic content blocks, but that’s for another post).

I Repeat: Your Site’s Not Done!

To tie a nice bow on Lumina’s website update—traffic to the Strategy landing page has increased by 41% (May-June compared to March-April) since making the updates in late April!

So, should you immediately act on a comment or critique that you field from one teammate or frustrated tweeter? Only in serious situations (read: there’s a bad typo on the homepage banner!). 

But if you're hearing similar feedback from various audiences, you should dig into your website analytics and visitor behaviors to adapt your website to meet your team's goals.

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