"I'll try anything once!"
Abby Schoonveld
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Abby Schoonveld

Operations Manager

We consider Abby the glue that holds this whole thing together. As Operations Manager, she helps put everyone in position to be the best 'Boxer they can possibly be. She makes sure the lights stay on and that the team is well caffeinated: important stuff!

Over beers and crafting with 'Boxer and fellow knitter Sara, Abby learned about the office manager position at SmallBox. It was clear that she had the right stuff (insert NKOTB reference) for the position, and she's been rockin' our office ever since, keeping the books, chatting up new business prospects and organizing events.

As a Boilermaker, Abby pursued film studies while in West Lafayette. It's no wonder she adores Indy Film Fest, where she currently serves on the board. Before making her way to the 'Box, Abby also spent a few good years working as a traffic manager in several PBS stations and as office manager for another local creative firm.

In her down time, Abby obsesses over her fluffy dog, Willow, baking the best pie and ingesting a lot of fiction; books on-tape always blasting in her car, a pile of books to read on her bedside table and a robust queue on Netflix. She also says she's a gracious winner, but always finds satisfaction in beating her pals in some intense board game action.

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