"Go hang a salami, I'm a lasagna hog"
Joe Downey
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Joe Downey


True story: once upon a time, Joe Downey sported some serious blond dreadlocks. This is at least part of the tall tale we 'Boxers are told about our fearless co-founder. We're still looking for photos. Please email them if you come by any.

During his days learning the ropes of development at Indiana University in Bloomington, Joe was no stranger to the music scene. Little did he know his involvement there would eventually lead him on the path to building Musical Family Tree with his future business partner, Jeb.

Joe is an expert problem solver. We haven't met a tech problem he can't untangle. He currently focuses on two products, one for employee engagement, and one for nonprofit board management.

A man of few words, when he does speak up, we all listen. But don't let him fool you. Just under the surface, Joe harbors a wicked sense of humor, which very well may be fueled by his favorite beverage, Diet Coke.

As a father of twins, Joe keeps pretty busy with his family life. He and his lovely wife Julie have three children.

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