Learning Experiences

Professional Development & Training

We have a motto: Teach as we do. As a team of lifelong learners with a core value of curiosity, it means something big to us. Driven by the desire to create meaningful, collaborative experiences for our clients, we have developed learning experiences for growth-minded organizations.

Customized Training

All of our workshops and trainings opportunities are customizable. We can host at our place, your place, or an off-site retreat center. Our offerings range from two-hours to multi-day learning experiences. Whether you need a short invigorating session, some inspiring professional development, or a full-day custom staff or volunteer retreat, our team can accommodate your learning needs.

Leadership AND TEAM Retreats

Strong teams can be a difference maker in today's fast-paced business climate. We can build an experience geared to help you vision and strategize together, to build rapport amongst your colleagues, or to meet an existing organizational objective.

Design thinking programs & workshops

We adopted design thinking as our primary methodology because we love how it puts people at the center of the process and helps break down big, fuzzy problems. We've developed workshops specifically to share this process and empower others to uncover big opportunties and collaboratively solve challenges. 

Current Workshop OFFERing

A Human-Centered Approach to Problem Solving
Learn about the design thinking process, a powerful framework for understanding and solving complex problems. Design thinking has been all the rage – Harvard Business Review says it’s coming of age and Deloitte cited design thinking as a top ten trend in HR. So what’s all the buzz about? Let us debuzz it for you in this interactive workshop.

Don't see what you need here? 

We can develop custom training just for you. Our areas of expertise include culture, branding, problem solving, design thinking, user experience and strategy.