What is responsive web design? A responsive site delivers

a seamless web experience

Less scrolling, easy navigation & viewing, and automatic resizing, no matter what the user is clicking away on–a desktop computer, tablet, or mobile device.

In the past two years, smartphone and tablet use have exploded

61% of mobile users

are more likely to

leave a site that’s not mobile friendly. [1]

One solution is multiple versions of your site–unfortunately, each requires it’s own code, costs, and content upkeep.

Choosing responsive web design means your site automatically adapts to the user’s device, giving users a similar experience on an iPad, a Samsung Galaxy, or even devices that are just coming to market.

Google calls responsive design

the "industry best standard."

93% of smartphone users browse the web every day,

making a responsive website key to serving an increasingly mobile audience. [2]

Responsive email design

continues supporting great user experiences by ensuring your messages get through, and look great on any device.

central indiana
mobile usage growth
2012-2013 Data from More than 80 SmallBox Clients

In 2013, we saw incredible trends toward mobile web usage across our client network of Central Indiana-based nonprofits, medium-to-large businesses, e-commerce stores, professional organizations, and more.

These upward trends will continue to rise as mobile devices strive to reach their market potential (9 million new iPhone 5s were sold in the opening September 2013 weekend!).

Ready to go responsive? Here are three great reasons: