When a client believes in us,
it motivates us like crazy

Our recent work

We believe in making every page count. Whether that's a page on a website, a newsletter, a tweet, a video, a manifesto, an email — everything we do must support your organization, create a great user experience and generate measurable value. Also, we need to be proud of it. 

Every client we partner with has different challenges and needs. We've been honored to problem-solve, language-build, design and consult with really great clients over the years.

You might be here because you're curious to see what we can do. Maybe you're starting to envision greater things for your organization. We'd love to help you get there. Our team of expert question-askers, empathizers, design and business brains can't wait to learn more about you.

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Works in progress

June 27

Drew is busy putting the finishing touches on an ACSM email. In theater, as they say in the medical industry. (because he's SURGICAL with an email)

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June 20

We were working on a WFYI case study and took a tree pose break. That rustling you hear? Ideas.

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June 17

Time to havest what we've sown. Sowed? Sown. 'Boxers Jason Ward and Joe Downey taking a final look at the new site for Purdue CAB.

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June 13

Drew DeBoy, Mayowa Tomori, Nick Klooz, and Jenny Anderson checking out photos for ACSM - not an easy task when everything looks soooooo goooooood.

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June 11

The SmallBox team decided to take the day off and go to a concert - at The United Way's annual meeting!

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