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Cooking up Purpose with Just Pop In

Everything we do has to be rooted in purpose. It was no different when Just Pop In! approached us, initally about a new website project. We knew Mandy and Carly, the dynamic duo behind JPI, were all about gourmet popcorn, but we wanted to understand more about their business before recommending next steps for their web presence.

Why popcorn? And what else was going on in their business?

Just Pop In! has a HUGE amount of brand equity locally. While a fresh website always feels like the solution, we didn’t want to assume it was the best spend of resources without examining their business first.
Dan Fahrner, Client Service Director
Dan Fahrner, Client Service Director


Uncovering the Facts

We start every new project with a discovery process for a reason. Making a large investment into a marketing plan or new website makes little sense without clarity around crucial things like mission, vision and core values, and sound business strategy.


Fun with Word Play

As we led the JPI team through a series of collaborative exercises and word play, we found we needed to focus first on their business processes. A website would need to come later, after some improvements to manufacturing, point-of-sale processing and inventory management software. Without these, huge growth driven by a website would NOT be sustainable.

Our main goal in our collaborations is to ask the right questions, then get out of the way and listen. Over sushi (and popcorn for dessert, of course), JPI shared with us stories about the birth of the company and the why behind the business. The words the Swift twins and their marketing extraordinaire Kelly chose to describe their story helped clarify the company vision and other key language.

Building a Strategic House

We actually do call this part of the process “building a strategic house,” where core values form the foundation, the main structure is built with the most important areas of focus, or “strategic pillars,” and the roof is built from near term goals. At the top, the North Star (purpose, mission and vision) sits above all.

Armed with their personal stories and inspirations, we moved into research mode. We took a deep dive into the traffic patterns on their current website and conducted comparative analysis of other gourmet popcorn outfits.

Finding Meaningful Data

We also crafted a survey to gather feedback from JPI’s customers. Their responses gave us a lot of valuable data to work with. We paid special attention to the keyword and search engine optimization landscape for their industry. This is one facet of their final reporting, which included the results of our web traffic analysis, keyword and other research and the results of the customer survey.


The Big Takeaway

Just Pop In! is getting serious about all of the processes that will help them scale their business without losing their signature fun experiences. All of these insights from our discovery work are being used to complete a long-term business plan.

We’re honored that these insights will help push Just Pop In! to new heights. If you’ve ever experienced the wonder that is Just Pop In! you won’t be surprised to learn their North Star is to "Celebrate Happiness" – and we’re sure they’ll be living that in bigger and better ways as they grow.


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