Values for the Long Haul


Factory Day with Pondurance

When Pondurance, a growing Indianapolis-based information security, continuity and compliance firm, came to SmallBox, it was time for a reset. While the leaders at Pondurance felt a re-brand was in order, they wanted to go deeper than just a logo design.


Laying the Foundation for a Re-Brand

Their look, messaging and marketing materials just didn't match up with the level of expertise and experience Pondurance offers to its clients. Increasingly working with larger companies, they wanted their brand to be on par with their renowned clients – and for those to come down the road. Another challenge the company faced – after some growth and new hires, not every employee knew the founding story of the organization. The company needed to build its internal language, including key cultural pillars, like mission and core values before embarking on a new logo design.


Story-Focused Factory Day

We kicked off our re-branding process with a Factory Day dedicated to building Pondurance's North Star. We took a storytelling approach to mine for purpose, mission, vision, values and an organizational rally cry.

Our role was to act more as a coach and facilitator, in line with our belief that values should be discovered within the organization, not invented by us. We asked questions to draw out stories, and listened for important words and themes. We helped notice, refine and sort the information, but the raw stuff came from Pondurance.

With Pondurance, the team listened to stories about the founding of the organization, why each employee chose to work there and other high and low points in the organization's history. As the Podurance employees shared, facilitators and participants alike wrote down words and ideas that seemed meaningful or unique to Pondurance. After gathering all of the stories and stickies, the Pondurance team reviewed the accumulated words and marked those that rose to the top as having potential for values. Values finding is an exploratory process, and while it can be a little messy at times, or even lead to hard conversations, it's always fun and laughter-filled too.


More Than Values

The session ended with four new core values for Pondurance, as well as a refined mission and purpose, and some high level goals for the coming year. The bonus outcome was a greater sense of connection among the Pondurance team. The new excitement and shared understanding served as the perfect foundation to dive into logo design and messaging strategy.

The timing was impeccable for us. We had just been through a rough organizational transition and for some there was perhaps a sense of, "Where do things stand?" At the end of Factory Day we knew exactly where we stood... we stood together! From that moment on, no one ever looked back.
– Kathy Pelletier, Marketing and Operations Specialist
Grateful 2 @SmallBox for leading our Factory Day. Such a great opportunity for us to grow as a #team. #back2ourroots
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