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Sedona Refreshed

Getting in the Sedona State of Mind



Sedona Learning Solutions creates custom education programs to achieve EHR (electronic health records) adoption goals for their partners. As they looked to elevate their offering, they realized they needed to reposition their brand to match their personal, service-based approach. Showing their true colors was a huge opportunity in an industry stacked with bland competition.



Discovery in a Far Away Land

The Sedona team is highly focused on giving their clients a personal touch, but this wasn't shining through in how they presented themselves to the outside world. While they weren't looking for an overhaul, they knew they needed a refresh that would build on their existing brand to show their “true colors.” To kick start our work with them, we planned a discovery sprint.

Our teams began by convening at Sedona's headquarters in Phoenix (it was really cold in Indy then, so we didn't mind a bit!). We planned a strategic two-day sprint designed to create alignment amongst their team, to articulate a clear and modern purpose, mission, vision, and to do some creative brainstorming that would become foundational to their brand and to explore visual direction.



Warm It Up

During our strategic sessions, we found that warm tones and very personal, human imagery resonated with the group. Our goal was to augment their current brand assets with warm language and visuals that would position them as the industry leader they truly are. The Discovery phase also included competitive research and process mapping to identify the differentiators and unique value propositions that truly stood out to Sedona customers. 

The Next Level

To start working within the themes of warmth, humanness, and personalization, we pulled inspiration from magazines to develop a library of imagery that fueled a mood board process.

We created multiple mood boards with different colors, photography directions, and textures, then led conversations around which elements felt most true to the spirit of Sedona. Taking feedback from the Sedona team about what resonated the most, we refined it all into one polished, cohesive style. That style includes warm hues and clean, open icons that are woven throughout their brand.

At Sedona, we're all about personal experience. It was so refreshing to find a like-minded team to help us re-envision our brand. SmallBox asked great questions, listened and really captured who we are. They went the extra mile to create a great experience for us.
Linda Hainlen
Linda Hainlen


Partner to Launch

One of the outcomes of the work included a brand guidelines document that outlined both visual and messaging guidelines for the Sedona brand. These guidelines were crafted with their team in mind, and helped equip them with the right tools to make their brand presence cohesive and as personal as a handshake.

Sedona’s strengths became more articulated in their new website, with a design that incorporated textures and photography completely unique to their industry and reflected their dedication to a partnership approach. Our team adopted a similar methodology to coach them through the content production process and collaborated to align their content with their new messaging strategy.

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